We offer a variety of tapes in a range of colours and materials. Polypropylene tape is a great cost effective option. It is strong and efficient although noisier when releasing from the roll than vinyl. Vinyl tape is superior in strength and tack compared to polypropylene and even though it is strong it can still be ripped by hand to the desired length. The following options are available:


  • 1" Clear Polypropylene Tape (25mm) - Alyssum
  • 2" Clear Polypropylene Tape (48mm) - Osier
  • 2" Brown Buff Polypropylene Tape (48mm) - Laurel
  • 2" Brown Vinyl Tape (48mm) - Hawthorn
  • 1/4" Blue Vinyl Tape (9mm) - Flax
  • 1/4" Red Vinyl Tape (9mm) - Poppy
  • 2" Fragile Polypropylene Tape (48mm) - Fragile