These resealable polythene bags are available in a variety of sizes. They are easy to use with a self seal closure, measured in width x height - the height is to the self seal line.


160 gauge sizes:

1.5"x2.5",  2.25"x2.25",  2.25"x3",  3"x7.5",  3"x3.25",  3.5"x4.5",  4"x5.5",  4.5"x4.5",  5"x7.5",  5.5"x5.5"


180 gauge sizes:

6"x9",  7.5"x7.5",  8"x11",  9"x12.75",  10"x14",  11"x16",  13"x18",  15"x20"


We also offer a range of heavy duty and write on panel self seal bags.

Self Seal Polythene Bags