Clear plastic round containers and lids are available in a wide range of sizes to suit a variety of uses. Suitable for food use and microwave safe with the exception of the 2oz and 4oz lids. 


Ideal for sauces and chutneys:

  • 2oz tubs are approx 57ml capacity and approx 70mm diameter x 27mm high.
  • 4oz tubs are approx 114ml capacity and approx 70mm diameter x 43mm high.


Ideal for food takeaways:

  • 8oz tubs are approx 228ml capacity, 120mm diameter x 30mm high.
  • 10oz tubs are approx 285ml capacity, 120mm diameter x 45mm high.
  • 12oz tubs are approx 342ml capacity, 120mm diameter x 50mm high.
  • 16oz tubs are approx 456ml capacity, 120mm diameter x 63mm high.

Plastic Food Pots & Lids