These salad bowls are made from high quality brown kraft paper which is lined to prevent moisture / grease from escaping. 
Although commonly known as salad bowls, these bowls are suitable for hot and cold food and are commonly used for foods such as noodles / curries / rice / pasta and even some desserts.
Able to be kept in fridges and hot cabinets to keep contents fresh. 
They are fully recyclable and as the lid is polypropylene this is also microwave safe. 
Available in 3 sizes as follows (measurements approximate): 
500ml - 15cm wide at the top, 5.5cm tall, 13cm base
750ml - 15cm wide at the top, 6.5cm tall, 13cm base
1000ml - 15cm wide at the top, 8cm tall, 13cm base
The included lids fit all three bowl sizes.
Pre-packaged in quantities of 50 (approximate) and available up to full box quantities (300).

Kraft Salad Bowls