These brown kraft soup cups are made from high quality, sustainably sourced durable kraft board. They are extremely versatile in nature, as they are suitable for serving hot soups, pastas, fruits, salads and ice cream to name just a few.
Featuring leakproof properties, as well as being able to effectively retain heat; these containers are perfect for takeaways and for outlets serving food on the go. 
Easy to store as they are perfectly stackable. Available with either plastic lids (polypropylene) to enable contents to be clearly seen or Kraft lids to match the pots. Both lids are vented to enable the food enclosed to remain hot but allowing condensation to escape.  
Available in the following sizes: 
4oz (114ml) - Rim Diameter 74mm Height 52mm
6oz (170ml) - Rim Diameter 99mm Height 50mm
8oz (227ml) - Rim Diameter 99mm Height 62mm
12oz (340ml) - Rim Diameter 99mm Height 72mm
16oz (454ml) - Rim Diameter 99mm Height 102mm
(measurements are approximate)
Please note - only plastic lids are available for the 4oz pots.

Brown Kraft Soup Pots